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Is there anything I should watch out for when making offers on tasks?

The purpose of iTask is to let people make real connections so tasks can be completed every single day.

We aspire to connect strangers in a risk-free environment. With that to-do on the top of our list, each and every one of us at iTask put in lots of effort to ensure all users are guarded the way they deserve it. iTask got your back.

To fulfil a safe and reliable community, we need your help. All participating members of the iTask community should always provide honest information and refrain from fraudulent activities. The iTask team is doing our best to remove inappropriate members, content, images, etc. that go against the policy of the company. It’s also crucial that all members report to us any suspicious activity to keep iTask safe for all.

Here are examples of suspicious activity to report on:

  • An unusually high value for a simple task (e.g. $100 to pick up a document, unless justifiable).
  • Task to be completed at odd hours e.g. a delivery task at 4 in the morning.

If you find any suspicious task or user profile without reasonable justification, please contact the poster for more information before commencing the task. If you’re unable to resolve the issue personally, please do not hesitate to contact us for help via¬†help@itask.com.sg.