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Can I Get Contact-Free Delivery On iTask? 

Absolutely, Please Specify That You Expect Contact Free Delivery When Posting Tasks/Requesting Services. Taskers May Also Be Requesting Contact-Free Delivery And A Full Guide On How To Practice Contact-Free Delivery On itask Can Be Found Below:

Contact-Free Delivery

  1. Let Requesters know you are doing contactless delivery via the messaging function in our app. Your Requester may also request this.
  2. For grocery related tasks, you can send the Requester the receipt with the total amount of the grocery to get approval from them.
  3. You can message your Request when you are nearby. It is recommended to place the goods outside their front door.
  4. Place the delivery by their front door or where you have agreed to drop the goods off and wait nearby (at least 1 meter away) until Requester has come out to collect it.
  5. Do not shake hands or touch one another and remember to wash your hands.