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Type of Tasks or Services can I get done with iTask?

As long as they’re legal and achievable, you can post any Task you need help¬†on or Services that match your skills! Some examples include assembling furniture, grocery shopping, queuing for the latest concert tickets, food delivery, carpool, cleaning your home, etc. The list goes on.

When you’re posting a Task or Service, add in as much details as possible including the kind of equipment or tools required, the estimated duration of the Task or Service and such. Unsure about how to post a task or service? Don’t worry, you’ll be able to cruise through the process with our easy-to-use interface. You’d be required to accept the T&Cs on our app before posting.

iTask is a free marketplace to connect people who needs tasks done and those who can get tasks done. With secured payment and reliable customer support, iTask is where you can get stuff done, or find stuff to do.

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