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I’m having trouble with my Tasker; what do I do?

If you’re having trouble with your Tasker, please try following the below guidelines.

iTask has a dispute service, but it’s best to try and resolve your differences first before we can assist you.

  • Communicate openly
    • A breakdown of communication between Taskers and Requesters is often the main cause of disputes. To avoid this happening; try to go above and beyond when messaging or talking to your Tasker. Be as clear as you possibly can and always be respectful.
  • Payment
    • We understand that you want to pay for tasks that are completed to your needs. Taskers also want to be paid for the time and effort they’ve spent on the task. One benefit of using iTask is that the task payment is held securely in iTask Payment Account.
    • Make sure that you release payment once you’re satisfied the task has been completed to your requirements.
    • Don’t release the full payment from iTask if you’re not happy with the task. Once you’ve released payment, we can’t help you recover it.
  • If you’re not happy with the work
    • We understand that sometimes Taskers aren’t able to complete the task to the level of your expectations. If the tasker has already spent time and effort on the task and you’re not satisfied with the outcome, let them know why. If you can, please give them another opportunity to do the task so that you can have the situation resolved as soon as possible.

We hope these will help you come to an agreement quickly and easily. And just as a friendly reminder, please know that if a task has already started, an agreement has to be reached for the payment to be released.

For further assistance, you can report the dispute on Ongoing Task > Accept Task page or please contact iTask Support: help@itask.com.sg