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Your choice of payment

You can now opt for either cash or card payment depending on your own personal preference. Though we allow flexibility in our payment methods, please bear in mind that everything is still up to your own discretion.


When setting a price for your posted task/service, select your preferred payment method by tapping into the options provided.

CARD: Do kindly take note that there’ll be an additional 3.4% 0.5 SGD transaction fee applied and charged to your card. These charges are assigned to the third party payment system, Stripe, used on the app to necessitate payment transactions. You can read more about it here

CASH: Receive payment upfront from Requesters upon successfully completing a task. As for Taskers, please make sure you’ve confirmed payment received on your end as well.

BOTH: If you accept both payment methods, your choice will be shown on your posted listing to notify Requesters that they can pay you with either cash/card. This option only applies to Taskers.

*For all existing tasks/services posted before 4 Sep 2019, please refer to the scenarios here under “announcement” to check your refund eligibility*