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How iTask works?

iTask is the best free place that connects businesses and people to millions of people who are ready to help complete tasks, jobs and errands. iTask is free; it means we are not charging customers for posting anything on our platform. The tasker can help you finish your chores like cleaning, gardening etc. and you can also advertise your services through us as well for example you can post your availability services and people who wants to get the relevant work done will contact you. 

Our aim at iTask is to provide you a simple way to: 

Post tasks Tell us what you need done. We mean anything, like mopping the floor, getting your nails done or buying your groceries. State the necessary details, and input a fair budget for the task. This will only take you a couple of minutes, and it’s 100% free. 

Request for service Not sure what you need done? Browse through task listings that have already been posted by Taskers, and select any that you think you can benefit from. Request for the service and wait patiently as the Tasker accepts your request. 

Accept jobs Select tasks to complete and bring home extra pieces of bacon. Filter through locations, nature of task and compensation rate for the perfect task. From over millions of ready jobs and errands to choose from, there’s always something for everyone. 

Offer your services Why not earn income while you’re queuing for food or commuting? Take the initiative and post practically any services/tasks/errands you can do and accept multiple requests for one specific service/task/errand. 

Go online or download the app and let iTask help you to get more done.

For more information please visit iTask Website

iTask is a free marketplace to connect people who needs tasks done and those who can get tasks done. With secured payment and reliable customer support, iTask is where you can get stuff done, or find stuff to do.

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