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What are some safety tips I should follow?

It’s important to remember that getting tasks done with ITask means you are transacting with another member on the platform.  

If you ever feel uncomfortable with another member at any time, you should let us know. Your concerns will be taken seriously and handled with confidentiality. If at any time you feel in danger, call your local emergency line.

When you’ve posted a task or request a service

As your newly posted task will be publicly visible to the entire ITask Community, it’s important not to disclose any personal information on your task. For your safety and security, don’t post things like your full name, address, email, social media accounts or phone number in the task description or in any comments.

You can have private conversations via the ITask private messaging feature for further discussion

Reviewing your offers

Try to be as specific as possible when you communicate with Taskers about the task before you choose who to assign. This helps Taskers understand what needs to be done so they can make an appropriate offer. We also highly recommend looking through the Taskers profiles who have made offers on your task. Check out their reviews, rates and any verification they might have to show their experience and qualifications as a verified Tasker of the platform.

While the task is in progress

Don’t release payment to the Tasker until your task is fully completed and you are satisfied that all your requirements have been met. If you are ever in a situation where you are not satisfied with the job, try to work with the Tasker to sort it out first. If you can’t come to a resolution, you can always contact us for support and advice.

When the task is completed

If you’re not available to check the work completed in person, feel free to request photos of the work to be sent through the private messages of the task. If you need more time to assess the work, communicate this to the Tasker and let them know when to expect your confirmation of the task completion.

Payment has been released and the task is done! Time to leave a review on your experience of the Tasker’s service. It’s important for other members of the community to see your genuine feedback so they can also choose the best Tasker suited for their needs.