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Requester Guideline

iTask Requester guidelines:

To ensure a fair, safe and pleasant experience with iTask, we would sincerely hope for the co-operation of iTask Requesters to adhere to the following guidelines when posting on our application.

1. No partial payments

  • All tasks posted must be of full value

The tasks posted on iTask should be of full value that the tasker can receive upon completing the task, with no additional fees. We decline to accept tasks of partial payments such as commission-based tasks (Eg, Referral based jobs).

Example of unacceptable post:

Alex wishes to post a task for taskers to refer 10 students to his tuition center. He is offering to pay 10% commission to taskers who successfully manage to do so. 


2. Unacceptable behaviors

Negative content or behavior may result in the content being removed or the account being suspended. We would like to ensure every user gets a pleasant experience while on our application, without having to feel fear or discomfort due to the postings.

  • Hate or violence 

Racist content or behavior to incite racism or hate are prohibited on iTask’s platform. Discriminatory comments or postings aimed at any member of the community will also be moderated or removed.

Example of unacceptable post:

Looking for a Chinese man because I only want Chinese people to work for me.

  • Harassment 

Persistent disturbance, intimidation, targeted comments that incite fear will also be removed. 

Example of unacceptable post:

Alex consistently tries to disturb Amy on the chat function as he does not like her service. He threatens to deal with her one day.

  • Illegal behaviors (theft, vandalism or any unlawful activity)

We would like to ensure that all our tasks are legal. Hence, any task that is unlawful such as vandalism or theft will be removed. 

Example of unacceptable post: 

Alex posts a task for someone to steal gold jewelry for him. He offers a high price for someone to do so.

  • Trolling (comments deemed inappropriate or prohibited)

Other comments deemed inappropriate or prohibited will be moderated or removed. 

Example of unacceptable post: 

Amy posted a task “Looking for a male to cuddle with me”. 


3. Task posting guidelines

All tasks have to be legal according to Law of Republic of Singapore (in Singapore) and Law of Malaysia (in Malaysia)

  • No escort or adult services 

Sexually explicit or obscene tasks are prohibited and will be removed. Tasks requesting to be nude, topless or wear clothing like lingerie, swimwear and gym wear are prohibited.

  • Clear scope, time and budget 

All tasks have to be clear in the job scope, time needed to complete and the budget of the task. 

Example: Offering $100 for a painter for 3 hours on 10 March 2020. No additional material fees needed. 

  • No deceitful tasks 

Tasks requesting taskers to write fake reviews, provide fake leads or anything related to creating artificial content are prohibited. 

Example: Task to write 10 fake reviews on my product website. 

  • No advertising of full time, part time jobs, company products

As iTask is a platform for one-time services, we would remove posts advertising for part time or full-time jobs. 

Example: Alex posted a task to recruit part timers at his bubble tea shop for 3 months.

  • Referral tasks 

Referral tasks or programmes, advertising for products and services are not recommended and will be moderated. However, you can post your services under “service”.