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Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Use of the Services is subject to this Acceptable Use Policy.

1. Customer agrees not to, and not to allow third parties to use the Services:

  • 1.1 to violate, or encourage the violation of, the legal rights of others (for example, this may include allowing Customer End Users to infringe or misappropriate the intellectual property rights of others in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act);
  • 1.2 to engage in, promote or encourage illegal activity;
  • 1.3 for any unlawful, invasive, infringing, defamatory or fraudulent purpose (for example, this may include phishing, creating a pyramid scheme or mirroring a website);
  • 1.4 for any Customer Applications related to sexual content, services, or paraphernalia (for example, escort services, erotic massage services, pornographic images, or sex-related devices);
  • 1.5 to intentionally distribute viruses, worms, Trojan horses, corrupted files, hoaxes, or other items of a destructive or deceptive nature;
  • 1.6 to interfere with the use of the Services, or the equipment used to provide the Services, by customers, authorized resellers, or other authorized users;
  • 1.7 to disable, interfere with or circumvent any aspect of the Services;
  • 1.8 to generate, distribute, publish or facilitate unsolicited mass email, promotions, advertisements, or other solicitations (“spam”).


2. Publicly sharing private information

  • 2.2 To protect your safety and security, private contact details or 3rd party links are not allowed to be shared in any public areas of the site including any comments and attachments. This includes business websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, personal emails, phone numbers, addresses or personal websites.


3. Unacceptable behaviours

3.1 Courtesy, mutual respect and seeing things from another person’s perspective is essential. At iTask, we do not tolerate the following negative behaviours, any of which will result in your content being removed and/or your account being suspended:

  • 3.1.1 Hatred or violence
    Comments or actions that promote hatred or violence against specific groups or people including any representatives of iTask, will not be tolerated. Racist content or behaviour to incite racism is also not permitted.
  • 3.1.2 Discrimination
    Comments that are derogatory towards any members in the platform, or contain vulgarities used in the context of a personal attack/insult, will not be tolerated.
  • 3.1.3 Harassment
    Actions or comments that may cause distress or jeopardise other members are not allowed. This may include persistent disturbance, torment, intimidation or communication aimed at influencing other member’s offers, all of which are strictly not allowed.
  • 3.1.4 Illegal behaviours
    iTask has a zero-tolerance policy to any illegal behaviours including theft, vandalism and any unlawful activity such as use of drugs or weapons.
  • 3.1.5 Trolling
    Tasks and comments that are deemed to be trolling or inappropriate are prohibited. Comments that are considered to be off-topic or inflammatory in nature to invoke other members in the platform are also not allowed.


4. Unsupported practices

At iTask, we’re committed to bringing communities together however this requires your support and cooperation. We do not support the following activities within our iTask platform, as it jeopardises the creation of a fair, transparent and trustworthy environment, which we highly value.

  • 4.1 Fraudulent iTask reviews
    Trust is crucial on iTask, therefore creating or requesting fraudulent reviews for your iTask profile is not supported. The review system holds everyone accountable for their own actions and behaviours. Maintaining our integrity, authenticity, honesty and transparency is critical to our iTask platform.
  • 4.2. Artificially improving public profile
    Completion Rates measure how reliable and committed you are to the tasks you post or are assigned to. Artificially improving your public profile, including the manipulation of Completion Rates, is not supported by iTask as it jeopardises the creation of a fair and trustworthy system.
  • 4.3 Discussion
    iTask is a marketplace for outsourcing short-term tasks and not a forum for discussions. Members have mentioned that they use the iTask platform to get things done and don’t like reading through comments that aren’t helpful for their task.
    Requesters should only comment to give more task information or ask for information about an iTask Worker and their offer.
  • 4.4 Harvesting member information
    Harvesting member contact details is the process of obtaining lists of contact details. This is not supported by iTask and you should not make an offer/post a task of any such kind.
  • 4.5 Lead generation
    Lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a particular business. This includes posts about campaigns that involve cold calling, email blasts, contacting key decision-makers, prequalifying them and introducing services where appropriate. This is not supported by iTask and you should not make an offer on any such tasks.

Requester Guide:

A. Accountability and your reputation

When your offer is accepted, you remain accountable for the provision and outcome of the task. For tasks completed in-person, you must attend to check that the task requirements are met even if you requested other Taskers to assist with the task.

Tasker Guide:

A. Tasks must be legal

To ensure a safe and secure experience for all our members, all tasks posted must be legal. Soliciting, inducing or encouraging illegal acts are strictly prohibited. Scams are also not tolerated on iTask and will be removed.

B. Prohibited items list

Tasks must not relate to weapons or unlawful activity, which may result in furtherance of a crime. Any requests relating to drugs, including prescription drugs or drug paraphernalia is prohibited. Not only may these activities have serious legal ramifications, but they are also against the spirit and values of iTask.

C. No escort or adult services

Escort, adult services and massage tasks are strictly prohibited on iTask. This includes tasks or comments which are obscene or sexually explicit in nature. Whilst we are pushing boundaries and helping to reimagine the future of employment, we draw the line here.

D. Clear scope, time and budget required

To help get your tasks completed, it’s important that your task has a clear request, time and budget.

  • Request: The task description should clearly, and thoroughly, state what it is that you need done. Adding as much information as possible helps the ITask Worker understand expectations.
  • Time: Does the task need to be completed on a specific day or can it be flexible with the iTask Worker? If specific, mention in task description.
  • Budget: Setting a fair price for the amount of time and effort required for the task is crucial. iTask does not endorse low pricing of tasks and a task may be moderated, if found to be.

These help Taskers to know whether they have the skills and availability to complete your task. It will also help avoid any misunderstandings about expectations along the way.

E. Task based posts

The iTask marketplace is a task based platform that encourages you to outsource all the weird and quirky things you might need done on any given day. However, there are a few types of tasks that are not supported to maintain the integrity and safety of the platform.

Tasks that are deceitful in nature are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to requesting fake business reviews, social media likes and followers.

Academic activities and assignment based tasks are strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to completing an assignment, test or course on someone behalf. Additionally, academic assistance in the form of proofreading, editing, planning, structuring, referencing and giving feedback on someone else’s academic work is also not supported.

Asking for someone to inspect your task and give you a quote is not allowed.

Tasks that require someone to be nude, topless or wear clothing like lingerie, swimwear and gym wear are not supported.

Tasks that involve investigating or gathering information on an individual or business without their knowledge and consent are not supported. Debt collection tasks are also not supported.

Tasks that ask for someone to withdraw cash, buy gift cards, vouchers for the Requester or to send money to the Requester via methods like direct bank transfers or PayPal are not supported.

F. No advertising

We support businesses outsourcing tasks on iTask to help their business grow, however iTask is not a platform for business advertisements, nor a job board for permanent job ads. iTask is also not a platform for any requests to be employed.

G. Accountability for task outcomes

When you accept a Tasker’s offer on your task, the Tasker remains accountable for the provision and outcome of the task. For tasks completed in-person, the Tasker must attend to check that the task requirements are met even if they have requested other Taskers to assist with the task. Other Taskers involved in the task must have an iTask account. If a third party who is not a Tasker with an iTask account helps with your task. iTask not responsible anything happens.

All iTask members have an obligation to adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy in accordance with the rules and regulations set out in the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.