We’re living in a time where we can’t do without part time jobs. With mortgages (or rent), utility bills, insurance fees, etc to manage, it’s becoming harder for us to ensure our family a comfortable life with just one job. And not to mention unforeseen circumstances like getting sick. In essence, we want to be able to earn a substantial amount of additional income on top of those from a 9-to-5 job. 

So how can you make an extra $1000 per month from a part time job? It takes some time and work, but make some changes and you might just be able to do so. We all have some extra time, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to how much effort you’re willing to put in to increase your income. 

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Idiot-Proof Ways to Make Extra Money from Part Time Jobs

There’s bound to be something on this list for everyone, some jobs require skillset and some doesn’t. Here are a few jobs, plus what you should do to keep that extra cash in your pocket.

Part Time Jobs Singapore


1. Build a freelance career.

There are actually plenty of freelance job ideas that pay more than $25/hr that you could easily start from the comfort of your own home. While starting them is easy, actually sustaining them can be more challenging. You will need to market your skills and use the necessary methods to see them through.

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2. Find out the apps that work for you.

Part Time Jobs Singapore

There are so many job-seeking apps and sites budding in the market now. Most of them are targeted at certain industries. If you’re good at cleaning aircon and plumbing, it just doesn’t make sense to list these services on Fiverr, does it? Make sure to find out what your niche services are, and identify the app or sites that will be good for those. 

3. Sell stuff online.

Part Time Jobs Singapore

A big part of our society is earning extra money by selling items, whether they’re used or new. The items aren’t necessarily your own. You can actually help others sell items and take a small commission. 

Take the time and effort to do your research on the platform. For instance, if you’re on iTask, you’re able to post this particular task for others to request, or you can search for related tasks and offer your bid. 

4. Provide tutor or teach.

We bet you’ve heard about people who give tuitions as a living, or as a weekend part time job. They usually make pretty good extra dough. For those who aren’t professionally trained to be a tutor, don’t worry. You can also teach whatever that you might be good at. It could be planting, baking, website developing, etc. In this case, make good use of your social network. You never know kids who need fluent Chinese speakers to improve their conversational skills or adults who may want to learn how to make a leather pouch from scratch. 

5. Walk dogs or be a pet-sitter.

You’d be surprised at the number of people who keep pets in Singapore. And they usually dote on their furry friends a lot. They may need someone experienced (or not) who can walk their dogs while they’re hustling at work or if they’re going on a long trip. Better still, some might even want someone who can pet-sit while they’re at work. We’d be totally envious if you managed to cliche pet-sitting as a part time job on a regular basis.

6. Keep track of your money

Uh oh. Here comes the ugly part of working part time (or even full time, if you’re bad at money management). No matter how much you earn per month, you need to keep an eye on where your money goes to. Have credit cards? Do you know that the average interest rate for credit cards is about 25% per year? That’s a huge number! Make sure you’re not just paying the minimum payment per month. You don’t want the interest to keep rolling year over year.

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7. Do online surveys

Part Time Jobs Singapore

Nowadays, it’s a trend for companies to pay to acquire people’s views. They’re usually online, easy to do, and only requires you to sign up as a free member. Some pay you cash, while most implement a rewarding system, which can also contribute to mitigating your expenses. Imagine being able to balance out your weekly grocery expenses just by doing surveys. It’s possible, you just got to be super diligent. Remember: Register as a member across several survey sites to earn more money. 

8. Put yourself online

Earning extra income online is not just hearsay. You just got to be active about it. The first step to take? Create an irresistible online profile. Spend some time updating your resume online; you might not just be able to land yourself a higher paying full time job but also allows employers to check out your profile if they’re looking for a freelance or contract worker. Also, be sure to revamp your online profile across all platforms, even if it’s for small, project-based jobs. 

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9. Find unorthodox ways to save money.

Part Time Jobs Singapore

Essentially, this is for everyone, even if you’re not considering a side hustle. Do you know you can earn points that’ll allow you to redeem for rides if you use GrabPay? Or do you know that paying through ShopBack gives you cashback? In this world today where we depend so much on technology, there are so many money-saving hacks that you’ve yet to uncover. Don’t forget to share with fellow readers like yourself if you found any!

Part Time Jobs Singapore