Reel in extra income or take the opportunity to upgrade your skills with iTask

In the wake of COVID-19, we believe the outbreak has taken a toll on the gig economy and its freelancers who have suffered income losses. 

This comes after large scale events have been either cancelled or postponed and big gatherings or classes were called off following the outbreak.

Because of this, freelancers, especially those in the art and fitness sectors, are seeking ways to tide themselves over.

Find an all-in-one platform

freelancers covid-19
Image credit: iTask

To support these freelancers in their times of crisis, they can look to iTask. iTask is a service marketplace mobile app which allows freelancers to find prospective people who may need their service and earn extra income.

Harnessing the power of the sharing economy, the app connects Taskers and Requesters online. Taskers are those who have the skills to complete the service and Requesters are those who need help with tasks.

Whether it’s graphic design or fitness training, there is a wide selection of service categories (even services that are odd) for them to pick from. These include: Cleaner, Delivery, Beautician, Planner, Repairman, Professional, Extra Hand, Promoter and Anything.

For example, a freelancer with experience in videography can post a service under the Professional service category, upload a couple of photos, and include a description and relevant information. Once posted, the service can be seen by anyone using the app. When a Requester makes a reasonable offer, the Tasker will set to work and deliver the promised service.

Upon completion, the Taskers will receive the payment after the Requester has agreed to transfer it. By providing consistent good services and ratings, it would open up more job offers for the freelancers and build up their profile.

Encouraging freelancers to upgrade and diversify

freelancers covid-19
Image credit: iTask

There might be a drop in job offers for freelancers during the COVID-19, but fret not. It’s also a chance for them to upgrade and diversify their skills.

This is possible with iTask which contains a variety of services aimed for learning. Some include learning photoshop software, building a website, music lessons and fitness training.

If freelancers can’t find the skill they want, they can post it as a Requester and wait for offers.

If you’re a freelancer who’s affected by COVID-19, it’s time to make a change. Start earning extra income or equip yourself with new skills. You can download iTask for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.