Listening to the Sea Organ in Croatia, skinny dipping in Sweden or chasing the brilliant waterfalls in Bosnia-Herzegovina…

You could be tempted to drop your bags and check off the top 50 things you should do in Europe before you die, or just hoping to visit the marvelous cities that are on your places-I-am-dying-to-go list.

Whichever reasons you have, a trip to Europe is certainly something to look forward to and you’d, of course, want the experience to be flawlessly comprehensive yet enchantingly personal.

Think hunting for the best local-recommended food in Norfolk, sun-tanning on the best beaches in Belize, or having an in-depth trip in Muscat.

But you’ve never been, so how can you achieve that? The first thing that pops up in mind might be engaging a travel agency. However, expect to be (there’s no better word for it) underwhelmed.

Travel agency tends to plan trips with spots that are… blah. These are usually destinations that are reputed among tourists, and also chock-full of them.

We know: you’d rather head to really secret hideouts that locals hang out at. Here we list out some of the must-dos (that we ourselves at the team stand by) to plan for the big trip.

The down-and-dirty details for an impeccable Europe itinerary

8 Things You Definitely Need To Do To Plan An Itinerary To Europe
A photo of Greece to evoke serious wanderlust.

Check the weather

It’s always better to keep an eye on the weather, especially if you are going on a trip to Europe, where the weather can be pretty erratic.

You don’t want to jump into the trip without knowing if the temperature is scorching hot or freezing cold.

Getting ahead of the weather helps you decide what you need prepared—jacket or bikini or both, the kind of medication, or even your skincare.

Plan your route

The key to a model itinerary? Sketch out a day-to-day plan before booking anything. Don’t be lazy—do some in-depth research on sites and cities you really want to explore.

Then, list down those landmarks you’d really like to see and go through the map to know which places you’ve got to cross out, either because they are out of the way or they’re out of your budget. Depending on how long your trip will be, you’ll certainly have to sacrifice some spots.

Set your budget

Planning your budget for a trip is one of the inevitable steps (unless you feel that there’s no need to because you have a few extra cash to spare). You don’t really want to spend excessively throughout your trip, unless again you’re totally fine with that.

Start your budget with the biggest expenses, like flights and accommodation. And then work out how long you’ll be gone for; figure out how much you’ll spend on meals, transport, and activities like entry fees daily. Oh, and don’t forget to set aside your shopping money.

Browse through Instagram

8 Things You Definitely Need To Do To Plan An Itinerary To Europe
Might as well do that since you’re already on Instagram.

Oh, the power of social media. One search for related hashtags or locations and you’ll get (almost) all the information you need. Especially Instagrammable places to gain those likes on your own account!

Who’ll know about a place better than the locals? And where do you find these in-the-know locals? Instagram, of course! It’s like you’re getting the inside scoop on must-see spots, that would be easily missed out by travelers.

As a visual platform, we can be sure the owners of those gorg photos pretty make it their mission to share some of the best local spots.

Following local-savvy accounts before a visit will let you save helpful information for when you’re on the ground. And did we mention Geotags? One tap on the location shows where you should head to, and what’s nearby and other perspectives of the area.

Know how to pack

Well, it’s not strictly a part of the itinerary. But knowing what to pack and what not to can help lighten baggage weight. It’s common to ride the train to head to another city (Paris to London anyone?). Packing as little as you need will do you good, just in case you’ll be spending time on the railway. But as you forgo some belongings like toiletries, it’s best to know where you can get them at.

Pay somebody to plan your trip

8 Things You Definitely Need To Do To Plan An Itinerary To Europe
Yes, you can.

It’s not easy planning a trip; you’ll make some trip planning mistakes such as being inflexible with the dates, cramming too much in or setting a budget too low. Also buying a roaming card, travel passes, entrance tickets, etc—planning these thoroughly will help you save cost and time.

If you aren’t sure about any of them, your best bet would be to find someone who’s got copious traveling experiences.

And we meant down to the specifics. For instance, the best stores to pick up toiletries, the days that allow free entrances, or which bus to take and what kind of landmarks that’s worthwhile of your time.

Imagine how much trouble you can save yourself from if you already have insider news on that! And the good thing is, it doesn’t cost a bomb to engage someone to help with it.

Post a task to get someone to plan your itinerary.